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Please use the paper attached to completed the assignment, it has to flow. Titl

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Please use the paper attached to completed the assignment, it has to flow.
Title the assignment……. 5.3 Role Play and Reflection
Please follow the instructions below
Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Read the following from your textbook, Chapter 5: Theories for Direct Social Work Practice.
Watch the following videos:
Phase 4: Intervention
YouTube video A Clinical Social Work Intervention by ClinicalSocialWorker (2010). If needed, you can review the transcript file, Transcript – A Clinical Social Work Intervention.
Schedule a role-play session with your instructor (if you have not already done so, as recommended in the workshop introduction).
You will continue to use the same peer from your previous role play.
Contact your instructor and decide on a time when the three of you can meet online for asynchronous role play, using Zoom, Virtual Classroom, Skype, or another tool as required by the instructor. Set aside at least one hour to allow for more than enough time to play both the role of clinician and client, as well as for feedback from your instructor, who will serve as a silent observer.
Continue to use the same scenarios from the last Workshops.
Decide which of you will play the role of social work clinician, and who will play the role of involuntary client, first and second. Once you have role-played as either the social worker or involuntary client, you will then switch roles.
Before the role play, consider the following:
How will you demonstrate your engagement and other therapeutic skills utilizing relational therapy?
What is an evidence-based intervention that you plan to apply to help the client meet his or her goals and objectives, and how will you demonstrate that in the role play?
How will you handle disruptions, transference, and countertransference?
As the social worker in the role play, be sure that the following are covered during the role play:
Demonstrate the use of relational therapy (or other best practice) in engaging with the client.
Apply advanced clinical skills in the multidimensional intervention of psychosocial dysfunction or impairment, including emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders, conditions, and addictions.
Demonstrate components of an evidence-based intervention.
End the session by asking the client how he or she feels about the intervention and his progress with the goals and objectives you outlined in the previous session. You also need to mention that treatment will be ending soon, and start planning for termination.
Write a reflection paper responding to the following questions. Your reflection paper needs to be a minimum of two pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, and utilize references and citations in APA format.
Identify disruptions, transference, and countertransference during the session. Discuss how well do you think you addressed or handled them. What might you do differently in the future?
How did you evaluate progress on treatment goals? Did you successfully address any concerns? Did you modify the treatment plan?
How did you address and prepare for transitions and getting ready for treatment (and the relationship) to end?
Describe likely supervision conversations or guidance that would be helpful during this phase.
Assess your paper reviewing the rubric that will be used to grade it and make revisions as appropriate.
When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself, and submit a copy to your instructor by the end of the workshop.

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