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Research Paper: Goals and Objectives: The goal of the research paper is to facil

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Research Paper:
Goals and Objectives: The goal of the research paper is to facilitate the development and refinement of basic research skills through the application of classical concepts and theories to contemporary issues. In your paper you should make a clear argument or related set of arguments and you should adopt a formal style of writing with full sentences, proper paragraphs that are connected to each other, an introduction and a conclusion. Your do not need to have a clear thesis as such, but the paper should be coherently organized. Your research paper should be between 1500 – 2000 words.
5 Requirements, Procedures and Research Tips: For this paper, you need to read two pieces by Marx and Engels: “The Communist Manifesto” pages 1-21 and “Wage Labour and Capital”, pages 7-23, available online via the links on the course outline above under “Textbooks and other Materials” or below, in the section on Marx.
In the readings listed above, you will be able to find Marx’s analysis of the structural tendency of capitalism to become global as it develops (in The Manifesto of the Communist Party) and the constant struggle between capital and labour (in Wage Labour and Capital) that is the key factor that drives capitalism to become global via the search for cheaper and more compliant labour as well as the search for new markets to sell products.
You will apply the relevant theoretical concepts and formulations from Marx in the two readings above, to discuss and analyze the events portrayed in the following two documentaries: “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” available on youtube at and Made in Bangladesh CBC Documentary

The paper should have a clear introduction, a substantive discussion of the key issues and conclusion that summarize your sociological understanding of capitalism as discussed in the two documentaries. This assignment is NOT an “essay” in the High School format with a fixed number of paragraphs, a clear “thesis” that you need to defend, reject etc. The paper should represent a cohesive discussion of the connection between some of the key concepts from Marx and Engels on modern capitalism as a global phenomenon driven by search for cheap and compliant labor force to reduce the costs of production and to enhance profits.
You will need to pull out and apply some relevant quotes from the writings of Marx and Engels in the Craig Calhoun book to the issues discussed in the documentaries. Finally, you will have to engage in some research and find two other documentaries on youtube where similar issues – global capitalism, relocation of manufacturing for cheaper and compliant labour, outsourcing etc. – are discussed.
You need to refer to these two extra documentaries and the two texts by Marx and Engels in a bibliography at the end of the research paper. The end product should be a paper that demonstrates an understanding of the general theoretical perspective of Marx and Engels on capitalism and substantive engagement with the content of the two documentaries.
The expected length of the paper is: between 1500-2000 words.
When writing the paper, the following issues should be used as general/overarching guidelines. However, these are NOT questions that have to be ANSWERED.
1. What do Marx and Engels have to say about the “structural” tendency of capitalism to be global?
2. How does the conflict between capitalist and workers, capital and labor drive the globalization of capitalism?
6 3. What are some of the social consequences of global capitalism for workers and capitalists both in the “developed” and the “developing” areas?
4. Using the concepts of “structure”, “agency”, “ideology/culture”, provide a brief “reflexive” take on the possible relevance of the documentaries to your own lives – consumption practices, the culture of shopping, fast fashion, work experience etc.
5. Comment on the common claim that after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, labour practices, wages and worker safety have improved globally.
6. A brief discussion of the gender and age (child labour) dimensions of the fast fashion industry.
For citations and references, please use the American Sociological Association style that can be found here: 06th%20ed_AA.pdf
Research Tip: Attending the lectures, connecting the content of the course with your lives and the world around you, as well as making use of my office hours to clarify any queries you have will help in the production of a good paper! I will also constantly discuss the paper and how to go about it during the lectures. Please bring all your questions and queries to the lecture theatre or to my office during office hours.
Grading Policies/Rubric
The evaluation for this course is based on the overall quality of the answers and the research paper as reflected in research, analytical and writing skills. The research paper should be written in a formal style and should not have any abbreviations, slangs, emoticons or digital language in the main text. You must carefully proofread your paper for typographical errors before submitting the paper. You will lose marks for typographical errors, the use of abbreviations in the main text and for spelling mistakes. The overall grading criteria for the research paper and the test answers are listed below. These are broad guidelines and the actual grade will depend on the specificities of particular papers/tests.
A: Superior comprehension of the course readings and lectures, combined with outstanding critical, analytical and writing skills
B. Comprehension of the course readings and lectures, some evidence of critical analytical skills, weak writing skills
C. Comprehension of course readings and lectures, weak analytical and writing skills
D. Some comprehension of course readings and lectures, no critical engagement with the substance of the course and poor writing skills.
7 F. Little evidence of meaningful engagement with the course material, weak analytical skills, poor writing skills; outstanding writing skills but no engagement with the

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