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History of the theme/topic & relationship of social work over-time Use a criti

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History of the theme/topic & relationship of social work over-time Use a critical, decolonizing, AOP lens to discuss the historical and transforming context that surrounds Health care. Try to visualize a timeline in your mind and discuss some of the most emblematic aspects that have defined your issue over time. As part of this discussion, you can name key socio-economic facts, key moments in history, key people or organizations that have been at the forefront of change along with their advocacy initiatives. Include a brief discussion of social workers roles in relation to your key topic, over time. (2 pages) 5 Critical review of Indigenous wellness models and decolonial approaches as they relate to this topic Drawing on the class readings, and any other relevant learning on Indigenous holistic approaches, discuss a couple of the ways that Indigenous holistic health models are integrated in practice settings in the area that your paper addresses. What theoretical bases inform these holistic models? Briefly compare and contrast these holistic models with trauma informed approaches. What challenges or barriers exist in implementing or sustaining holistic programs in the service domain that is relevant to your topic? (2 pages) 5 Social work ethics, human rights and cultural reclamation. Which human rights underpin the ideas behind the rights of Indigenous Peoples to transmit and protect their distinct local cultural practices and knowledge? Describe the relationship between the CASW code of ethics and the role of social workers in upholding such human rights through legislation, policies, programs and services. Discuss how social workers can integrate key principles of ‘cultural safety,’ in the process of supporting Indigenous holistic wellness programs. (2 pages) 5 Recommendations for ‘decolonizing your practice’ Briefly summarize some of the key recommendations to strengthen the inclusion of Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing in the area your paper addresses. Discuss the role of social workers as allies or co-
conspirators in supporting the reclamation, revitalization and resurgence of Indigenous knowledge and holistic wellness models. (2 pages) Finally, in a self-reflective way, discuss how you envision undertaking your own process for decolonizing your practice. What are some of the most important attitudes, skills, knowledge or behaviours you feel you still need to acquire, to better support Indigenous families and communities in the future? Link this section to one of your learning goals from your introductory assignment. What do you need to still learn? What do you need to unlearn? What additional steps can you take to ensure you keep moving toward your learning goals and strengthening your ability to be, in the words of Cyndy Baskin, a “Strong Helper.” How will you evaluate your learning? (2 pages) 5 5 APA /Writing Style Use APA 7th ed. writing and referencing conventions. The paper is 10-11 pages max. (not including references and the cover page) Be sure to integrate citations from the readings, and any other sources. Always use evidence to back up your claims.*include an Introduction and conclusion (which should be about a half page each) /5 Total /25 *Each section should be roughly similar in length. In your references you may use a combination of sources including academic journal articles, chapters, organizational or government reports, videos, webinar information, historically accurate films, published interviews, newspaper articles, etc. When discussing statements of fact, though, be sure to use credible sources.

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