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To earn full credit, each question needs to be answered and addressed completely

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To earn full credit, each question needs to be answered and addressed completely.
Use APA format for all citations and submit a reference page. Clarity, comprehension, sentence structure, and internal logic are all considered when evaluating your assignment.
1) Overview of the Agency and Community Assessment Include one to two paragraphs summarizing the community assessment of the city/county you would complete the project.
Please include community/public health site where the lab experience would occur. -Provide a one to two paragraph of an overview of the selected agency. My project will be Refugee Health Assessment Program (RHAP)
-Include a descriiption of the organization where you would implement your Community/Public Health project, including the organization’s vision, mission, and philosophy. (Use APA format for citation and reference).
Preliminary Overview of the Project
Answer in a question-answer format. To earn full credit, each question needs to be answered and addressed completely.
The Identified Public Health Issue
-What is the identified Public Health Issue? General Infection Prevention for refugees seeking asylum -State with evidence based sources the importance of this project topic for community health nursing. Use APA format to include a citation/quote.
-State with evidence based sources basic epidemiological measures such as incidence and prevalence of the project topic. Use APA format to include a citation/quote.
-How Public Health Issue was Identified
-What led you to realize this Public Health Issue existed?
-Title and Purpose of the Project – Project needs to be completed within the time frame of the course.
-What is the title of your project?
-Provide a descriiption of your project including the purpose of your project using the following statement (“The purpose of the project …”)
Planning for your Community Health Project: Part 1: Answering the following question will help detail the initial plans in implementing the project
*Strategic Project
-What challenges/problems do you believe your project would address? There is a language barrier
-How do you believe the functioning of the organization would be improved if your project was completed?
-What do you envision as the goal of your project? (You will be asked this question in more detail in Assignment 3, after you are more immersed in your project. For this proposal, answer based on your current knowledge of the project.)
*Engagement with the Necessary People
-Who would be the key stakeholders (persons and/or groups) who may be affected by your project – both positively and negatively?
-Who would likely to be influential in the success of your project?
-Would you anticipate any opposition to your project? If so, would any of those opponents possibly hold a significant position in the organization?
-Managing the successfulness of your project
-Is the project a manageable size? In other words, would it reasonably and realistically be completed within the timeframe of this course?
*Policies, Principles, and Global Health
-What policies would influence the health, fiscal, administrative, legal and/or social aspects of your community, project, and/or population?
-How would you apply legal and ethical principles to your project?
-Can this project be completed on a global scale?
-Examine the impact of the environment on the selected health issue?
*Personal Perception of Project
-What would excite you about this project? Why do you care?
-What would concern you about this project? Do you identify any particular obstacles?
-Anticipated Participation with Community Organization
-Which community leaders would you plan to collaborate with to promote the health of the selected population?
-How would you utilize team building, leadership, and conflict management skills to build a caring partnership with a community agency?
List 3-4 search topics (keywords) that you believe would be appropriate for a literature review, based on your project. A review of literature may be directed toward general information-gathering on a topic, a search for lab best practices, recent peer-reviewed research on a topic, or a historical review of a topic.

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