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Proposal for dissertation Topic title The effectiveness of wet cupping (Hijama

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Proposal for dissertation Topic title The effectiveness of wet cupping (Hijamah) in persistent nonspecific low back pain. a systematic review of clinical randomized trials.
• P: patients with PNSLBP
• I: wet cupping therapy
• C: comparison with sham treatment or any other conventional treatment • O: pain
Background 1200 words An example • LBP is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders that affect about 38 percent of the general population at least once a addition, in 80 percent of all patients, the symptoms cannot be ascribed to a specific etiological or neurological cause. Therefore, the condition is referred to as nonspecific low back pain (NSLBP). • Increasing number of research underpin the effects of wet cupping in low back pain. However, empirical studies are required to confirm the efficiency of cupping therapy.
• Therefore, the aim of this review was to examine the efficacy of wet cupping treatment in persistent non-specific low back pain
Rational • several systematic reviews on cupping have been published in different medical conditions such as low back pain, hypertension, herpes zoster, pain, headache, and stroke rehabilitation or all medical condition.
• reviews should separate wet and dry cupping trials in systematic reviews due to the difference in their application. (I could not find difference in terms of effect to support my claim)
• so, one of my justifications is due to the religious value of wet cupping in Islamic countries especially in the middle east.
• Recent reviews about wet cupping had poor quality and low criticality, due to the limited search of database, and high risk of bias.
• I need more reason for justification because they are several systematic reviews about the cupping the
all the systematic review of wet cupping for low back pain mentioned three RCT I found they are 4 RCTs Objective
• The objective of the systematic review to decide if wet cupping is effective in alleviating the pain for patients with persistent nonspecific low back pain Outcome
• The primary outcome is pain ,and it must be measured by
• Visual Analogue Scale (VAS),
• McGill Present Pain Index (PPI), and
• Oswestry Pain Disability Index (ODI) • other validated tool for pain measurement mention pain score. Methods • PRISMA guidelines for systematic review. inclusion criteria
• Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs) that used wet cupping alone or combined with other therapy compared Any Various analgesic treatment for the control group including physical activity, brochures for home exercise, acetaminophen, NSAIDs, opioids, spinal manipulation exercises, and bed rest. • men and women ages 16 years or older with persistent, nonspecific low back pain • back pain for at least 4 weeks with no identifiable etiology.
• All studies focused on wet cupping as the intervention therapy
• Pain was analyzed by a validated tool Study exclusion criteria
• Studies were excluded if they were using
• dry cupping, • uncontrolled clinical trials
• Wet cupping compering to any type of cupping therapy • case reports • Studies not published in English.
• 2 independent reviewers • The Following Information will be extracted: • first author’s name and publication date, study design, sample size
• characteristics of participants (gender,
• descriiption of wet cupping duration, frequency, and anatomical cupping sites. • primary outcomes main results • author’s conclusion, and adverse/undesirable or side effects of the intervention.
Risk of bias tools
ROB 2 Searches strategies
• The following electronic data base were searched from 2009 until the end of 2021
• Pedro, Cochran library, ResearchGate, Scopus, PubMed, ProQuest, and sciences medicine.
• For aboard search I used Cupping, hijamah, back pain, nonspecific, and persistent not to miss any relevant studies DATA analysis
• Narrative synthesis. References Must be Harvard style I will upload an example of a proposal and a draft that I wrote and I forget to put references might help you

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