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Stock Tracker Assignment

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5 Stocks on Your Birthday
Chapter 12 – Stock Tracker Assignment
Common stocks are a form of equity. As an investment, they represent an ownership interest in a corporation. The return to stockholders comes from dividends and/or appreciation in the stock’s price per share. Stocks are a very popular form of investment in the United States. In this assignment, you’ll complete a stock tracker spreadsheet to illustrate how a select group of stocks has performed.
Let’s pretend you have a wealthy grandma, who, on your 10th birthday, offered to buy you 100 shares of the stock of your choosing. In this assignment, you’ll track how you would have done on this investment, depending on which company’s shares you purchased.
Part 1
Now, Grandma would only buy you one company’s stock, but go ahead and pick 5 publicly owned companies that you could have chosen at the time. They must have existed on your 10th birthday (and had stock that was publicly traded!), and they should still exist today – no sense choosing a bankrupt company.
After selecting the 5 companies you want to use, you’ll use the attached Stock Tracker spreadsheet to track the prices yearly on your birthday.
Open the Stock Tracker worksheet.
In another tab or window, go to Yahoo! Finance.
Write your first company’s name in cell C1
Copy & paste a link to its Yahoo! Finance page in cell C2
This step is necessary for me to be able to quickly locate the data you used!
Enter the company’s Adj. Close Price on your 10th birthday in cell C3
For the same first company, look up the historical Adj. Close Price every following year on your birthday and enter each in column C. Note:
If your birthday was not on a trading day, use the closest preceding day’s Adj. Close Price
If your birthday has not yet occurred in the current year, use the most recent Adj. Close Prince instead
Once you’ve completed the first company, use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to complete the same for companies 2-5.
(You may wish to watch this video for a quick how-to on using Yahoo! Finance to look up historical stock prices! It goes over what you’ll need to do for steps 5-7 above.)
Save your file as “stock tracker – your name”.
Part 2
Click on the last tab in the spreadsheet, titled “Stock Comparison.” Using the data on this tab, answer the following questions: (you may ignore all brokerage fees and commissions – you only have to use the price per share, and base your calculations on the purchase of 100 shares)
Based on the historical data you’ve compiled, which of the 5 stock choices would have been best? Why?
How much would the initial investment have been in that stock?
How much would that stock be worth today?
Briefly summarize the stock price of the company you selected for the time period of this project. ie – did it rise every year, are there any dips or peaks, how is it currently trending, etc.
Unfortunately, a stock’s historical performance is not always the best indicator of how it might perform in the future. Describe some of the things you would want to research before purchasing stock in any company.
Part B should be a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs. Save this Word document as “stock tracker analysis – your name”.
The completed Stock Tracker spreadsheet file and the Stock Tracker Analysis file are due by 11:59pm on the due date.
***Again, 10th Birthday would have been 05/28/2000***
***Rubric & Worksheet attached***

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