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“The Yellow Wallpaper” Research Paper

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” Research Paper Directions
You are taking the traditional literary analysis you wrote on “The Yellow Wallpaper” and adding outside, secondary source research to it.
Your essay should be well developed, unified, coherent, and grammatically correct.
Required length: 2.5-3 typed pages
Create a thesis statement, and back up your claim with support/evidence from the text. Support should contain clear, specific examples from the story you are analyzing, as well as documentation for all text references. Include at least two quotations from the story in each body paragraph of your essay, for a total of 4 quotations from the story.
Research Requirements:
• Students will be adding research to their “Yellow Wallpaper” essay. The research quote will need to be analyzed, just as students add analysis to their examples. The final sentence of each paragraph will still be the concluding sentence.
• You are required to use at least two sources—NO internet sources at all unless previously
approved by me.
• Online journals from the library database are not considered internet sources and are good sources to use.
• You are required to include at least one direct quote from the research in each body paragraph.
• Avoid dropped quote, which is a quote that begins a sentence with no lead-in or introduction.
Paper requirements:
• MLA format
• Attention-getting introduction that establishes a clear context for the thesis
• Precise two-part thesis with a claim and a sense of purpose that references the literature (through author, title, or character)
• Clear two-part topic sentences that support the thesis and include a reference to the thesis
• 2 Body paragraphs with 2-3 specific examples with 2-3 sentences of analysis for each example
• Transitional phrases to connect sentences and ideas smoothly
• Insightful conclusion that connects the theme of the work to something more universal
• Works cited page
• Length between 2.5-3 pages
For the Works Cited page. It is not included in the two-page length requirement; it should appear on a separate page at the end of your paper. You will automatically lose 20 points for not including a Works Cited page.
Discuss how social expectations, especially concerning gender, imprison or entrap the narrator. Consider the expectations of a wife in the time period.
Discuss the importance of setting. Analyze how the setting (time and place) adds meaning, conflict, and/or relevance to the characters. Do NOT just describe the setting and tell me “in this story the setting is this. In that story the setting is that.” That is not analysis nor is it interesting. I want to know how and why the setting is significant, what it symbolizes, what this reveals about the characters, the time period, and the conflict within the story.
Guide for sources:
Research the time period and apply that historical information to the literature, as it supports your claim
Research literary criticism about the work, as it supports your claim
Research common medical advice for women with depression or post-partum depression (in the 1800s), as it supports your claim.
*Again, make sure that your sources are books, ebooks, or journal articles from the library databases. The guide to use the databases is posted in the first module in Canvas and you can always contact the library for additional help.
• Before beginning your paper, read the writing handouts; use them as a guide while working on your essay as well.
• Use the outline form on the next page to plan your paper. You may write/type directly on the form or on a separate page.
• After completing a rough draft of your essay, use the handouts in Canvas to make sure you have done everything correctly before submitting your essay.
• Remember that when you write about literature, you should write in present tense, not past tense. You should write as if the piece of literature and the characters are as alive today as they were when the novel was written.
Parenthetical Citation from the Text:
You must use at least 4 direct quotes from the text within your paper to prove your point. A direct quote is writing word for word what the source says. Do not use over 2 lines. You are to put these words in quotation marks and cite the page number from which you got the information. You can also paraphrase quotes from the book, but this too must have a citation.
Example: Nick says, “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life” (Poe 46).
You may lead into the quote with a colon if you have a complete sentence that prepares the reader for the following quotation. The sentence before the quotation must support it.
Example: Nick feels isolated from the outside world while he is at Tom and Myrtle’s party: “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life” (Poe 46).

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