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IT Sourcing of Stakeholders and Elements

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Included supporting documents and tips….
To prevent the trap that students often fall into, I encourage you to use all the learning resource sections, even those deemed “non-essential,” to complete the task before submitting your work. That process helps prevent revisions. To start, IT Sourcing and Development in a Global Economy design helps you explore and understand the strategic, operational, tactical, and security-related impacts of Sourcing and supporting a global IT project. You will also learn to apply the organization’s ethics, cultural issues, and regulatory considerations in a global environment.
The course of study highlights:
· Competency 1: IT Sourcing of Stakeholders and Elements, where you will determine which stakeholders, documents, tools, or skills are necessary to ensure successful Sourcing and support of global IT projects.
· Competency 2: The Solutions Development and Operating Strategies, where you will propose appropriate Sourcing and operational strategies for global IT projects.
· Competency 3: Ethics, Regulations, and Multiculturalism, where you will explain how adherence to ethics, an understanding of regulations, and sensitivity to multiculturalism can contribute to the success of global IT projects.
Here is the information that has helped students complete the task.
***The old Webinar can be found here***It is tied to the old resources but still has valuable information.
Read all the required reading. Many of the revisions requested by evaluators and questions about the task itself are in the lessons and Udemy video.
The video scope is excellently defined and I would recommend that you review it all. However, please pay particular attention to the following highlighted areas as they will help you answer questions in the task.
For culture and communications, read all the articles in section three, and the remaining sections for security and risk.
Remember to include more than one option where the rubric calls for it; this is a task that benefits from the time put into detail.
Here is a link to address section B so that you can complete the revisions. Stakeholders are everyone impacted by the project, including groups outside your company. i.e., when a city does street repairs, one of the identified stakeholders is the city’s population, who will use the resource.
Either company can meet your needs. However, it may be more difficult or require more negotiation to accomplish the company’s end goals
Research goes a long way when looking at areas of concern, especially regarding intellectual property and outsourcing.
The EAR reads like a radio manual, and it is hard to determine what applies and what does not. Part one of category 5 is about telecommunication. Read part one, describe what it pertains to, and why it may or may not apply to this case. Part two has is about business transactions and encryption. If you were to take note and pay particular attention to the following links, I think you will answer the question with ease.
Here is the link for section J, the EAR.
In our course material there is the following information as well.
The regulation of exported encryption controls is of particular importance to IT organizations that are considering outsourcing arrangements. What is the currently acceptable level of encryption, where do the outsourcing companies reside, and what would happen if Endothon does not comply? The Export Administraton Regulations (EAR) are often misunderstood or misapplied, which can result in violations and costly penalties for the organization. Making an effort to understand these regulations, and how they apply to the outsourcing arrangement being considered, is well worth the time.
Supplemental Article: Shane, J. R., & Scheetz, L. E. (2014). Export Controls for Tech Companies: The basics and pitfalls of US encryption controls. Journal Of Internet Law, 18(3), 1-12.

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