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GROW Coaching Model

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Assignment 1
Using the GROW Coaching Model, write a paper explaining how you, as a manager and leader, might use this coaching model to build and maintain relationship with your followers. Address the following two situations in which you would use this model to achieve desirable outcomes.
Genji is a call center employee who has received several complaints about her mispronunciation of certain English words since English is her second language. While clients complain about this issue, they do not question her technical expertise and often praise her product and technical support knowledge. Genji is no longer excited about her job as she was when she first joined the company.
Fillip is a shift supervisor at a retail boutique that sells high-end women’s fashion. He is a good manager to his team. Fillip has a good sense of fashion, and customers appreciate his taste and style. However, he is too quick to issue discounts and refunds to customers outside of the company’s policies.
In response to each of these scenarios, note how you would use the GROW Coaching Model to approach each employee. Discuss how the employees might react to your use of the model. Would this model allow you to reveal the information you need to have an effective coaching session? What benefits might this model provide for a coaching session beyond a typical manager-worker interaction? How might you use the model to approach the concepts of engagement and ownership? What other model might be more suited to the employee’s needs?
Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.
Assignment 2
In this scenario, you manage a work team of 10 people in a global information technology consulting firm. The team is very diverse, with people who reflect different gender identities, ethnicities, and ages. By completing this assignment, you will better understand why effectively managing a team can encourage high levels of participation and innovation. You will also recommend strategies for role modeling by the leaders and team members to influence greater commitment, accountability, and trust. Be sure to address budget and resource allocation, as appropriate, to support your recommended strategies. One of the goals of a manager and leader is to find ways to minimize the threat of conflict within the team which could affect team performance.
Review the three employee scenarios below to begin this assignment:
Da’Jour is 24 years old and is relatively new to your company and the team. Team members consider him to be an asset to both. Da’Jour is very talented, works hard, and shows great potential. Managers believe there is opportunity for him to have a great future with the company. He completes his work on time and at a high level of quality, and he contributes to team goals. He often completes some of his work from off-site, then arrives at the office later than other team members, and often leaves early. This behavior has caused complaints among his fellow team members who see Da’Jour’s behavior as a lack of commitment to the company and a disregard for the understood working hours.
Gabby, a 30-year-old non-binary employee, has worked in the company for 7 years. They prefer to complete projects on their own, even when the assignment requires them to work with others. They meet team deadlines, their projects are completed on time, they rarely speak in team meetings and discussions, but they do not take credit for completing assignments alone.
Arthur, a veteran employee with 25 years on the job, makes no secret of his opinion that Da’Jour is a slacker and Gabby is not a “team player.” Da’Jour and Gabby think Arthur is stuck in the 1990s; after all, who wants to be micromanaged in today’s work environment? They often refuse to work on team projects that Arthur is a part of, or with each other, for that matter.
What strategies might you use to help these three workers understand each other and to work together as a team?
Create an action plan to bring your team members together as a cohesive and productive team. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present your plan. Avoid cluttering your slides with multiple lines of information. Add graphics or animations to clearly make your point(s). Remember to be specific.
Length: 6-8 slide PowerPoint presentation, with notes, and pictures and graphs to strengthen analysis
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

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