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Regional Association for Education for Employment

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News media are inundated with press releases every day. Editors realize that many of these releases are really not news worthy, but are sent by organizations in the hope of getting free publicity. Consequently, the media never uses many news releases. And, it is extremely important to convey the “news angle” early on in the press release. The news releases that are written in a style, which is clear, factual and straightforward, are most likely to be read and used.
RAEE is an acronym for the Regional Association for Education for Employment. RAEE is a non-profit organization that provides training to economically disadvantaged adults, which prepares them for careers in computer entry/operation, office reception and basic office clerical positions. RAEE was founded by Gotham Light and Power, which remains as a principle underwriter for its programs. Juan Martinez, Gotham Light and Power’s President, began the program when he realized that there was a need for skilled office employees throughout the Gotham City Region. Now, RAEE is funded by many Gotham area businesses who, often times, hire RAEE graduates. Students enrolled in RAEE’s programs are given full scholarships through this type of corporate sponsorship. They are usually, 18 to 25 years of age, a member of a minority group, and have graduated from high school. In addition to receiving specific instruction in c/ping, computer operation and clerical responsibilities, RAEE students are required to complete courses in basic college English and in basic college Math. RAEE students, while attending classes, must wear proper business attire and attendance is strictly enforced. This rigorous curriculum and structure has enabled RAEE graduates to succeed in the business community, and RAEE graduates have an excellent reputation for competence and proper motivation. In short, the program is a tremendous success, which provides opportunities to people who otherwise might be unemployed or underemployed. The RAEE program takes a full year to complete, and has a long waiting list of students wishing to enter.
Assume that you are the Public information Officer for RAEE. This year, RAEE is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Given the background data above and the information to follow, you are to write a 1 to 2 page press release that announces RAEE’s tenth annual commencement exercises. At the end of this handout, I have identified the proper form for such a press release. Be sure to submit your press release in proper form.
In its ten years of operation, RAEE has graduated over 1000 students with 98% of these securing and retaining jobs in their field.
– This year, the keynote speaker for Commencement will be Senator Peter Nitney and his speech is entitled: ” Corporate Action; Filling the Governmental void.”
– The valedictorian for this year’s class is Kenneth Grimes, a recovered addict, who will assume a position as a computer operator at Gotham Light and Power after graduation He was elected to be valedictorian by his classmates.
– This year, 140 students will receive their certificates of completion. This is the largest graduating class to date.
– The event coordinator for RAEE is Priscilla Jones, RAEE’s executive vice president.
– The ceremonies will be held at Gotham Civic Center, which is located at 601 Main St, on June 30th at 8:00 PM.
– John Adams, RAEE’s chief executive officer, will serve as Master of Ceremonies and will award the certificates.
– RAEE is located at 578 Whitney Avenue in Gotham City (an economically depressed area of the city which is undergoing urban renewal).
– The telephone number at RAEE is (203) 555 5885.
– Office hours at RAEE are from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.
– Classes are held at RAEE from 8:30 am to 4:00 PM on Monday through Friday.
– Students are admitted into RAEE’s programs through a competitive procedure that involves a formal test, and a review by an admissions committee composed of RAEE administrators, community leaders and student representatives who are elected annually by their peers.
– There exist three main areas of concentration within the RAEE curriculum: Word processing/Typing, Computer Operation, and General Business/Clerical Skills. Each student receiving a certificate must successfully complete all three of these components in addition to College English and College Math.
– Tickets are available through RAEE’s Office of Public Information.
1. The top of your press release should contain all of the following:
a. The words: “Press Release”
b. The full name and address of the issuing organization.
c. The date of the press release’s mailing or distribution.
d. The date that the press release’s information may be printed or announced.
(i.e. Embargo Date: 6/18/09 or “For immediate Release”)
e. The name of the contact person for the issuing Organization and his/her phone number.
f. A telling headline in All Caps and underlined.
2.1f more than one page, always put: (More) at the bottom of each continuous page.
3.Always end a press release with the following at the bottom of the last page:
# # #
4.Single-space the body of your press release.

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