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Worm DNA extraction

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For this assignment, you will simply summarize the experiments, results, and conclusions from all the C. elegans experiments since the first paper. In other words, you must include in your paper:
–the screen for suppressors of che-10 using dye-filling assays
–retest data for your mutants
–Worm DNA extraction
–gel and sequencing reactions
–DNA sequence analysis of mutants
This assignment was announced in lab. The report should be as brief as possible while still including all necessary information (probably 7 pages or less) and must be organized into the following sections and given these headings:
1) Introduction (~1/2 – 1 page)
2) Materials and Methods (~3 pages)
3) Results (~2-4 pages)
4) Discussion (~1/2 – 1 page)
5) References Cited (use and cite at least the source below. You can cite other sources if desired.)
The introduction should briefly include background information about the rationale for our C. elegans screen. Why did we do the screen, what were we hoping to identify, and how might the information we find be of interest for medical science? A good resource for to help you with the introduction and discussion can be found here: (Links to an external site.) If you use any ideas, facts, or figures from ANY source you MUST use your own words and phrases and you MUST cite them explicitly. You should plan to end the Introduction with 1-3 sentences that summarize what you found in these experiments. (Could be something like, “Our results tentatively indicate that we isolated __ intragenic suppressor mutations our genetic screen for suppressors of the che-10 mutation….” or anything that makes sense…)
Materials and Methods should include experimental procedures and any materials you used. You should have all this information in your lab reports, and in the handouts and powerpoints, which are on Canvas. Include procedures for the dye-filling assay and scoring worms, worm DNA extraction, PCR, DNA gel, DNA sequencing reactions, and DNA sequence alignment and analysis. Include any information you think would allow a student entering BIOL380 next year to replicate your experiments.
Results should contain text, data tables, or figures (such as bar graphs) that only describe data and descriiptions of the data. Make it easy to read–You can create data tables or plot data on bargraphs, for example. If available, you should indicate number of animals (worms) tested. If your results did not seem “right,” don’t worry! Science is about truth (see below).
Discussion should include conclusions about your experiments. You could describe anything that you learned from this experience. You also might use your data to continue to discuss why C. elegans is or is not a useful genetic model organism. Please discuss how our data and experiment might relate to human progressive blindness. You could draw out a simple model of the genes and mutations underlying the complementation test you performed, summarizing your conclusions. It is up to you as long as it makes sense. Feel free to use other sources as long as they are cited but do not cut and paste ANYTHING.
References should include each cited work in a list with all authors, publication, and year published.
Science is all about the truth. Therefore, even if experiments didn’t work out the way we wanted, the results must be reported truthfully and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Also, please remember that plagiarism is grounds for failure. Plagiarism is using words or even ideas from another work without citing it. However, using words or pictures from another student’s report even if you cite that student is not permitted. So, for any outside sources you use, you MUST digest the ideas you would like to use and then put them into your own words.
Cutting and pasting from any source, even if you change a word here and there, is plagiarism so don’t do it. Any outside facts or figures also must be cited. Each individual should write his/her own report that should not be the same (or even partially the same) as any other student’s report. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism, contact me. To avoid failing due to plagiarism, don’t cut and paste from ANY SOURCE. Do not cut and paste pictures from any source or from another student’s work.
You will submit this report electronically on Canvas and it will be scanned by “Turnitin,” which automatically detects plagiarism.
To avoid failing due to plagiarism, don’t cut and paste from ANY SOURCE. Don’t use the exact same text as another student here at MSU or anywhere else. I encourage you to look at your turnitin score before the due date and make sure it is under 10%. If your report has a turnitin score above 10% you must revise and resubmit BEFORE THE DUE DATE. After the due date, your report will be assumed to be final and I will not accept revisions. Because it is so close to the end of the semester, I can not accept late assignments.

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