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What are 3 different ways people answer the question: Does life have meaning?

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Purpose of this assignment: To facilitate in students a working understanding of common answers to the question: What is the meaning of life? Another way to frame this is to say: students should come to appreciate the divergence of views regarding why people believe that, in contrast to nihilism, life does have a meaning.
Assignment Parameters: This is meant to be a 2-3 page double spaced focused research summary.
What to do: In response to the idea of nihilism as advocating the idea that life has no meaning, your task is to inquire (using multiple sources) into some common beliefs about the meaning of life. What are 3 different ways people answer the question: Does life have meaning? What are they!? What are the reasons people have for affirming that life does have meaning? Why do people believe that life has the particular meaning they attribute to it? For example, on one website i see that someone believes that personal growth is the meaning of life. I would present their view in a couple of sentences, use a quote, and then investigate why they think that. Why does this person think that growth is the meaning of life? If their reasons for having the belief are not presented you would just have to note that. If a view is to truly overcome nihilism it would seem to need to have some rational justification (maybe).
So in a nutshell I am asking you to 1) summarize your research into some common beliefs about the meaning of life and 2) the justification or reasoning for these beliefs.
Structure: You should have an intro paragraph and a concluding paragraph, both should include the question of nihilism as the spur of your investigation. In between you could have three paragraphs, one paragraph for each meaning you are able to find, or one large paragraph that goes over all 3. Your introduction and your conclusion should discuss nihilism. So in your intro discuss what you will be doing in the paper (researching the way people identify meaning in their lives) and discuss nihilism (briefly: the view that life does not have a meaning), indicating why it might be important to think about nihilism when one is approaching the question of the meaning of life.
Here is a rough example of what I am looking for in the intro: “This paper is an inquiry into common views on the meaning of life in light of the question of nihilism, i.e., the view that life has no meaning. I will look into three different answers to the question of the meaning of life and provide a summary of the reasons that are offered in support of these beliefs. In my conclusion I will summarize my findings, ultimately contending that on the basis of my research no clear refutation of the nihilistic view is possible.” so the conclusion summarizes and then takes a position on whether or not your research revealed a truth or a belief that undermines/transcends/defeats the nihilistic view.
Research methods and Quotations: You should include quotes from at least 3 different sources. Sources can include an interviews/questionnaires (you can ask friends, family, officers of the law, bosses, etc.- What is the meaning of life? Why do you believe that?). You can look at blogs, tweets, online encyclopedias, etc. For these you should create a reference list at the end of your paper- you can use APA or MLA or any format you are comfortable with- or use no already existing format but be sure to provide author, title, and site- i.e., enough information that your reader could find the place where you are quoting from.

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