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please google the movie “Dante’s Peak (1997)- then read the instructions below a

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please google the movie “Dante’s Peak (1997)- then read the instructions below and white a 275 word paper and include everything that is asked. I have attached a paper that was written for another film- This paper must be like this one- the 5 sinitific terms must be in BOLD-
Reflections about the Film Dante’s Peak (1997)
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This post relates to the film: Dante´s Peak (1997), Please, discuss its scientific content (you can refer to other films that present information related to the topics covered until now). ECU purchased this film through the library for this class and the link is provided below.
Remember, one of the General Education Program Student Learning Outcomes for Natural Sciences is that you are able to describe how scientific data and advances in science relate to societal issues. These posts are aimed to do just that! It would be great if you could also discuss your thoughts about how diversity is represented in these films (and ho wthat captures what happens in our scientific communities). Ideally, you should be able to do this while using the references properly!
Technical aspects: The post should be a video created with Adobe Express or presentation created with Adobe Express free to all ECU students (see below). The post should be at least equivalent to the written assignments and include 250 words, at least 5 scientific terms, and have at least three references (Please include the textbook, video tutorials, and films provided in this course). You need to submit your post before you can read/watch the rest. I will grade your first submission! You still need to respond to at least two posts from other students with at least two sentences that include scientific content (you can use CANVAS studio or text for your responses).
Content: The film seems to have been inspired by the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens but also by other real life events Dante’s Peak_ EARTH Magazine.pdf Download Dante’s Peak_ EARTH Magazine.pdf. Describe the scientific aspects of this film using as a reference all the materials provided in this course so far. The idea is to discuss the approach of the film to the science. Does the film reflect our scientific understanding or is instead special effects only and reflects many scientific errors? Can we learn something from the film? Does it provide us with at least the value of the science for our society? If so, how? How the film compares to the materials provided in the class? Please, provide examples. Note that there are two aspects in this film related to this class, volcanic activity and also flooding. Do you know the region of the USA where the story occurs? Why do you think this region is selected? What type of volcano is? Does the representation of the eruption suggest the type of volcano? Do the geological signals before the eruption make sense and why? Do you think you could breath under the clouds of volcanic ash like they do in the film? Do you think that the rescue scene is realistic so close after the eruption and would the helicopter be able to flight? Do you see a problem with the location of the town? What is the government agency that the main character works for and do you know what that agency does in general?
In addition, please, consider these questions: does this film represent properly the diversity of our society through the cast of the main characters and their roles? How could this film provide a better representation of the diversity of our society and or provide role models to attract a diverse population toward sciences, specifically geoscience? Please see the following document to understand diversity in the Geosciences DB_2020_023_DiversityInTheGeosciences_lowres.pdf

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