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After reviewing the information in this module, create your own assessment tool

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After reviewing the information in this module, create your own assessment tool that you could use to evaluate the SAMPLE Youth Development Program from Module 2.
Here is the mission statement:
The SAMPLE Youth Development Program provides a wide variety of enrichment activities with the ultimate goal of giving youth the skills they need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives. The focus of all our programs is positive youth development through activities in literacy, healthy living, and citizenship. All our programs are accessible to all youth and celebrate multi-culturalism.
Your tool should allow you to assess all facets of the program including the participants, staff, goals, effectiveness, and relationship to the community.
I suggest that you structure your evaluation tool around the following and use each of the bolded topics as headings for your final submission:
1) Key Stakeholders: Think about the key participants in your program (the kids); parents/caregivers; staff; and any community members as appropriate (businesses, school districts, churches, rec centers). Identify and describe who the key stakeholders are. Remember, you are using the SAMPLE Youth Development Program mission statement as the program.
Who might be the stakeholders for a program that emphasizes literacy, healthy living, and citizenship?
2) Evaluation Instrument:
You want to give your key stakeholders a chance to give you feedback. Develop a survey or questionnaire (or another tool) with at least 6 questions that will get you that feedback for both:
overall program effectiveness
specific activities/unit/participant learning.
Think, too: Would my instrument questions represent process or outcome evaluation? Or both?
Go back and look over the PowerPoint on Assessment and Evaluation for some ideas on what you may collect (or want to ask) as part of your assessment tool.
Go back and also look at the information shared in the Assessment Resources in this module.
For the instrument you submit to the dropbox, you want a total of at least 6 questions that show me you can ask questions that are specific to the outcomes (did the kids learn from the activities) and overall effectiveness of the program (did the program do what is said it would do).
Out of these 6 questions, you will some have questions that will capture the activity/unit/participant learning and some questions that will capture the overall program effectiveness. You choose how you want to divide up the 6, and if you want to add more, you may.
IMPORTANT: Remember this is practice for the final program plan. You will develop a full instrument as part of that final plan.
This module is practice for developing the kinds of questions that should be included in an evaluation plan. Your submission will allow me to give you feedback to help you ready yourself for the final plan.
3) Data Analysis: You need a plan for how you will analyze the data. Include 1-2 paragraph that addresses how you will analyze the results.
4) Sharing the Results: You need a plan for how you will share the results. Include a 1-2 paragraph explanation of how you plan to communicate the results of the program assessment to parents/caregivers.
I have attached what the end assignment should look like. I have also attached my assignment from module 2 as stated above to help you with this assignment.

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